Monday, March 9, 2015

Important Idioms and Phrases

  • Like a fish out of water - In a strange situation
  • Smell a rat - Suspect something foul
  • Read between the lines - Understand the hidden meaning
  • Tooth and Nail - With all of one’s power
  • Spread like wild fire - Spread quickly
  • Hit the nail on the head - Do or say the exact thing
  • Burn the midnight Oil - Work or study hard
  • Under his thumb - Under his control
  • With a high hand - Oppressively
  • Gain ground - Become popular
  • By leaps and bounds - Rapidly
  • Make off with - To run away with
  • Pass away - To die
  • To cry for the moon - Ask for the impossible
  • To make a pig of oneself - To over-eat
  • Donkey’s years - Very long time
  • To pull one’s leg - To joke; tease
  • To keep one’s fingers crossed - To hope fervently
  • To eat humble pie - To apologize in a humble manner
  • To fight a losing battle - Struggle without hope of success
  • A deadlock - A position when no progress can be made
  • A daredevil - A person who does not care for any consequences
  • Once in a blue moon - Very rarely
  • At a premium - Difficult to get or obtain
  • To play the game - To act honestly

Monday, May 9, 2011

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